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Contrary to what may be believed, the Pathfinder March has NOT been cancelled

Welcome to the home of the Pathfinder March. If you don’t already know, then you are here because you are curious as to what it is about, otherwise, you’re here to take part once again
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The Pathfinder March is a challenge of endurance and stamina. The intent is to complete the Pathfinder Long Distance Walk in less than 20 hours. The Pathfinder Long Distance Walk is a 46 mile (74Km) route that takes in the four main bases of the PathFinder Force (PFF) (RAF Wyton, RAF Gravely, RAF Oakington and RAF Warboys).

The event came into being in 1998 as a way to honour the crews of the PFF and was was the brainchild of (primarily) Sqn Ldr Gavin Sugden. The March has taken place every year since (except 2001 due to the Foot and Mouth Outbreak).

The ‘About’ page tells you a bit about the origins of the Pathfinder Force.
The ‘Health and Safety’ page gives some advice about blister care and preventing heat stress
The 'Route' page tells you about the route
The ‘Application’ page goes through the process of Applying.
The 'Registration' page concerns registering on the day of the March
The 'Apply' link leads you to the downloads (Forms etc)

The 'Contacts' page - self evident